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Restaurant School "La Cónsula", history and gastronomy in Málaga by Lola Ortega Muñoz

Vídeo filmado por la Escuela de Hostelería  de Málaga La Cónsula

La Cónsula, at the beginning (XVIII century), was an agricultural property that was bought by the Prussian Consul, this is the reason of its popular name. The splendour of La Cónsula was born when Enrique Heredia Livermore, son of the industrialist Manuel Agustín Heredia and Isabel Livermore (her father was an English merchant based in Málaga), took over the property in 1856. He is responsible for the exotic species  of the garden, similar to Botanical Garden "La Concepción", whose owner, at that time, was his sister Amalia Heredia Livermore.

In 1953, La Cónsula was acquired by the American couple, Bill and Annie Davis, thanks to the recommendations of Gerald Brenan. The couple had as guests many intellectuals and relevant figures, among them Ernest Hemingway, who came to Spain to write, on behalf of LIFE MAGAZINE, a story about the famous bullfighting duel between Luis Miguel Dominguín and Antonio Ordóñez (they were brothers-in-law). From this article was born his novel The Dangerous Summer (1985) where he describes the farm:

The house was huge, magnificent and fresh, there was a pool that was filled with water from a mountain spring and they did not have a telephone, we had great meals and drank well, when I got up in the morning I went to the balcony and looked at the mountains and the sea, above the pines of the garden. I realized then that I had never been in a more beautiful place, it was ideal for work and I started writing at once.  (Hemingway, 1985)

In 1973, La Cónsula was purchased by the City Council. In 1993, a consortium was established between the City of Málaga and the Junta de Andalucía to convert the farmhouse into the Málaga Restaurant School. Its beautiful garden with flowerbeds and symmetries became part of Municipal Botanical Board in 1997.

Nowadays, the School is part of the network of training schools of the Andalusian Employment Service and its training programme depends on the General Direction of Profesional Training of the Employment, Business and Trade Council of the Junta de Andalucía.

The prestige of the Restaurant School "La Cónsula" has crossed borders. One of his students has been Dani García. His Andalusian "cuisine" is innovative, imaginative and traditional. He is the first chef from Málaga who has been awarded three Michelin stars, ranking among the best chefs in the world.

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Owen, T.  Hemingway's Last Birthday in Andalucia. En

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