domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016

Practice the language with us, G. Brenan Association announces season of Spanish classes and exchanges 2016-17 from Sur in English

News from Sur in English page: 27

The Gerald Brenan cultural association (ACGB) is preparing for a new season  of Spanish classes for foreign residents as well as Spanish-English language exchanges in Churriana.

While classes continue on Tuesdays in the Casa de la Cultura, the Wednesday evening exchange sessions will take place from October in the Casa Brenan where the British writer lived for several years. Both centres are in Calle Torremolinos, Churriana.

The ACGB  was founded to encourage intercultural integration and break down barriers between people of different origins who live in the same area.

Its language exchange program is aimed at English-speakers resident on the Costa del Sol and Spanish speakers keen to improve their English.

The activities are free for members of the association. Find out more about the activities and membership fees in the Casa de la Cultura Gerald Brenan or telephone: 696843713 or 951926163