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Tony Bryant´s books have the essence of Andalusia

Tony Bryant is a writer and journalist, who has published several books concerning the art of flamenco. He has lived and worked in Andalusia since 1994.

It is not only the flamenco´s world. These books are full of his experiences and they deal with different aspects of Andalusian traditions and customs: Easter, the fair, the festivals, the bullfight, the food, the history that have made Andalusia a fascinating place for centuries.

It reminds me of Gerald Brenan in some parts. Bryant as the British Hispanist is inspired by George Borrow and García Lorca. According to Bryant in his work Gitanerías the poet from Granada, Lorca, is associated strongly with the "duende": something although you cannot see or touch it, you will sense its overwhelming presence (2016, p. 188). For Brenan, in South from Granada, the "duende" is a mysterious power that people or things can have it.  For example, a flamenco singer who goes so far beyond his ordinary powers that his listeners are transported (1963, p. 124).

Bryant says that the present style of life and the daily work of the people in the cities of Spain are no too different to any other in Europe and much of Andalusia has changed considerably, although they have their roots in an ancestral culture that is most evident in small towns. Reading the books is easy and  delightful.

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