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Lynda Nicholson, Collaborator of Gerald Brenan, and Her Son, Carlos Pranger

Lynda Nicholson (September 1943, England - January 2011, Spain). Graduated in Fine Arts at the Chelsea School of Art. Painter, illustrator, translator, writer and poet. 

Lynda came to Spain attracted by the reading of San Juan de la Cruz. She met Gerald Brenan because he had published two articles on the Saint in Horizon magazine.

When Gamel died (1968), Brenan thought that his daughter Miranda, married to a French doctor, was far away and very busy with her two children. Furthermore, she was not interested in literature. 

So, Brenan felt that Lynda was the ideal person to continue with his work as a writer. He gave Lynda the opportunity to collaborate with him. The British writer took her as his pupil. Lynda (twenty-five) was impressed by the experienced author (seventy-four). She said that she loved the way Brenan talked about books and writers: "I loved him, but I loved him as one loves a great-uncle." They went to live together. They decided to sell the house in Churriana and start a new stage without servants in Alhaurín  el Grande. 

But this decision caused many problems, especially between Miranda and her father. In addition, Brenan´s daughter died of cancer at the age of forty-nine. The difficult relationship with the son-in-law and the grandchildren cooled further.

Lola Ortega, Carlos Pranger, Fernando Colomo (Director of the film South from Granada) and Harry Eyres.


Lynda married the painter Lars Pranger with whom she had two children, Carlos and Emily. She continued working on the preservation and diffusion of Brenan's work until her death, and her work has been continued by her son Carlos Pranger, who has written numerous informative articles on  Brenan and has collaborated in the organization of two congresses on the Hispanist. Moreover, he has a blog and works on the recovery of unpublished works of Brenan as The Lord of the Castle and His Prisoner // He. Sequence of Autobiographical Thoughts (2009). Confluences has published  Journals about Dora Carrington (2012), where Brenan tries to explain the stormy relationship with the artist. The other two titles are Journals of the Great War (2012), about the experience of the young rebel who enlisted voluntarily to fight in World War I and Poetry, which recovers his most intimate and less known facet, the poet (2014).The last one has been the reissue (January, 2017) of the article: "The Spanish Scene" published by Current Affairs in 1946, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of the author.

     Carlos Pranger y Chris Stewart (Driving over lemons). 
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