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28 th February festivity of Andalucía

The referendum of the autonomous process of Andalusia was held on February 28, 1980.

Each February 28th we celebrate the festivity of our community. The Statute of Autonomy is a Magna Carta. It was approved in 1981. This document guarantees the Andalusians:

  • Freedom, equality and justice
  • Fundamental rights
  • Institutions

La Junta de Andalucía is the institution that organizes the government of the Community. It is made by Parliament and the Governing Council. Parliament represents Andalusian people, which is formed by the deputies who are chosen by vote every four years. Members make laws, elect the President of the Community and must control the Governing Council and the President. The Governing Council is formed by the President of  "Junta de Andalucía" and Councillors in different areas: Education, Health, Culture, etc.

They should enforce laws and administer the money of the Community. They should allow access to all Andalusians to education, culture and a job. They should also improve health services and roads. In addition to protecting the environment and our heritage, among other things. The Superior Court of Andalucía judges people who commit crimes.

Andalucía's symbols: flag, anthem and coat of arms.

The flag of Andalusia consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width: green, white and green. The colors evoke the Andalusian landscape, symbolizes the values of peace (white) and hope in the future (green). The Greek hero Hercules appears between two columns in the anthem, he is dominating two lions as a sign of strength. The motto says: "For Andalucia itself, for Spain and for humanity".

The lyrics of the anthem (hymn) was written by Blas Infante (Casares, Málaga, 1885 - Sevilla, 1936). He was a politician, historian, anthropologist, musicologist, philosopher, ideologue, and Andalusian writer, considered "Father of Andalusian nationalism http:. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xwwntp91XA

The white and green flag
returns after centuries of war
to tell peace and hope
under the sun of our land.

Andalusians, arise!
Ask for land and freedom!
Be Free Andalusia,
Spain and humanity.

The Andalusians want
again be
what we were:
men of light, we gave men
a soul.

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