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Doing the washing (based on the life of Antonia Manzanares Rosaby Helen McGinty

When I was little is was so different from how it is now.
I am going to explain it.  In my house and all the houses in the town there was not any running water.  In rich people’s houses there was because they had wells in their orchards or gardens. They had the best houses in the village. The neighbours were supplied with pipes in the streets that they all had.  This town was very rich in water.  It had many springs or water sources which sprang from the ground. The phrase in "alhaurino" is “que salía por su propio pie.”  Literally, “which comes out on his own foot.”  There was no technology because before it rained a lot.

The people of the village washed their clothes near the springs which are now dry. They were near the Guardia Chicavilla ‘Nacimiento de Montánchez’.  Every two days I went with my mother to do the washing in the river.  We hung the clothes on the branches of the trees.  The surroundings were all countryside.  While we were waiting for the clothes to dry we ate two chorizo sausages and two slices of bread. There was little to eat.

At the end of the village, towards Coín, at the Fountain of Twelve Pipes or "Fuente Lucena", we had another river, on the other side of the road that is now the Coín road.  That river was always full of people doing their washing.  In “Calderona Street” (the name comes from the widow of Calderón, owner of the garden, his brave wife managed to get her children alone) down the street there was another river and it had lots of stones to use when we were washing. That was in the upper part of the town. 

“El Chorro" (the appearance of a liquid through a narrow part, such as an orifice), where the school is now, the town council made a municipal laundry "Lavadero Mazacote" and then the people would not go to the fields to wash when it rained. Life in my village was very tranquil.

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  1. Mi amiga Antonia ha lo escrito. Tenemos la misma edad pero nuestras infancias fueron muy diferente. Mi madre tiene agua frio y caliente en la casa pero la madre de Antonia necesitaba ir al nacimiento para hacer su lavabo.

  2. Para hacer su lavado o "colada". Elena, ya he terminado en inglés, mañana lo hago en español. Indudablemente, la vida es más confortable para las mujeres que vivimos ahora en el primer mundo.Un abrazo para ti y para Antonia.

    1. El unes voy encontrar con Antonia par intercambio en su casa. Pienso que estará muy divertido ver su historia aquí

    2. Yo pienso que estará contenta. Ya es famosa en internet. Lo más importante es no perder la historia de personas auténticas como Antonia.