jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015

New Year’s Eve in Spain

The last day of the year is the New Year's Eve. It is the most expensive night of the year, people dress very elegant and eat exotic things.

After eating a large meal, according to tradition, at 12 o'clock at midnight, we take the 12 grapes of luck in front of a clock in a square (Puerta del Sol) or in front of the television.
The grapes are taken, one by one, in time, with the striking of the clock.

People converge in front of the clock to welcome the New Year, and many squares become huge parties. The atmosphere is amazing: everyone is ready for a good time. After eating the grapes there is a explosion of joy. Bottles of cava are uncorked and everyone toasts everyone else, friends, family and the people around: congratulations…

If we eat the grapes, we will have 12 months of prosperity during the year. This popular belief has its origin in 1909, winemakers distributed grapes because there was an excess of the harvest, but there is no data to confirm the beginning of the ritual.

New Year's Eve hasn´t got the family nature of Christmas Eve. Some people eat dinner at home, but others go to restaurants: dinner, grapes, "Cotillion" (confetti, streamers, wigs, hats and masks) and dancing. There are also many hotels that organise special celebrations, including stay and entertainment. It´s necessary to buy the ticket or to book in advance. Many young people go to private parties with friends.

This celebration can last all night and many people have churros (flour fritters) with hot chocolate for breakfast before going to bed, there is nothing better to recover strength.


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