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The birthplace of the discovery of America is in Spain (Language Exchange-Vocabulary)

La Rábida, in the municipality of Palos de la Frontera within the province of Huelva, is globally know as the birthplace of the discovery of America.
From its port, on the 3rd of August 1492, the Pinta, the Niña and the Santa Maria set sail with admiral Christopher Columbus, the Pinzón brothers and the sailors of Palos on board. 

In 1992, on the five hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America, it was decided that a reproduction of the vessels that took Columbus and his crew across the ocean should be created. The three ships formed part of the 1992 Universal Exposition of Seville and were amongst numerous expositions under the theme of ‘The Age of Discovery’. Finally, the Junta de Andalucía acquired the replicas and decided to commemorate the boats in La Rábida. Inaugurated in 1994, the site is managed by the local council and has become the third most visited place in Andalucía.
A visit to the town itself would not be complete without a tour of the town’s Columbus-related places of interest, with the monastery of La Rábida acting as the centre of such a tour. In was in this small Franciscan monastery that Columbus sought refuge before the start of his voyage. Its importance does not lie in its architecture nor in a rich art collection but in its significant part in one of the most important moments in Spanish history.

  1. Municipality
  2. Within
  3. Province
  4. To know
  5. As
  6. Birthplace
  7. Discovery
  8. From
  9. Port
  10. To sail
  11. Admiral
  12. Sailors
  13. On board
  14. Reproduction
  15. Vessels
  16. To take
  17. Crew
  18. Ocean
  19. Among
  20. Numerous
  21. Under
  22. theme
  23. Age
  24. To acquire
  25. Replicas 


  1. To decide
  2. To commemorate
  3. Boats
  4. To inaugurate
  5. Site
  6. To manage
  7. Council
  8. To become
  9. Third
  10. To visit
  11. Place
  12. Town
  13. Complete
  14. Monastery
  15. Centre
  16. Such
  17. Small
  18. To seek
  19. Refuge
  20. Start
  21. Voyage
  22. To lie
  23. Architecture
  24. Significant
  25. Spanish history 

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