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"La Peña de los Enamorados" (leyenda y vocabulario), Intercambio Idiomas Málaga

On the road from Seville to Granada, you can’t fail to notice an impressive rock of a peculiar shape in Malaga’s fertile meadow: the rocky profile looks like a human face, a lying Native American looking at the sky. This rock surrounded by fields, will be the scene of another tragic history involving a couple of lovers.
Antequera and Archidona have got together to create a new tourist route based around the famous rock known as the “Peña de los Enamorados” (lovers’ rock) that rises up on the plain between both towns. The route takes visitors on a tour of the most picturesque sites surrounding the legend of Tello and Tazgona, the couple whose tragic story gives the rock its name.
It was the 15th century; Tello was a Christian and Tagzona a Moor, and so their love was not tolerated by their religious beliefs.
After the Reconquest of Antequera on 16 September 1410 by the Infante don Fernando, throughout the 15th century the town was on the border between Christian and Muslim territories.
A young man from Antequera, Tello, was taken prisoner in Archidona, which was then under Moorish rule. The daughter of the Moorish ruler in the town, Tagzona, visited the prison cells out of curiosity and there she met the handsome soldier.
They fell in love at first sight, but they knew that it would be impossible to be together. Tagzona’s father had already promised her hand in marriage to another man.
They decided to escape, but the guards discovered them and made chase, with Tazgona’s father in front. They reached the rock close to Antequera and decided to climb up. When they reached the top the Moorish father’s archers took aim at the young couple, in an attempt to force them to give up their flight.
They looked at each other, held hands and jumped.

To escape

To promise

To discover

To enforce


To protect












To climb up



To involve

To fail

To fall in love
At first sight
To chase

To know


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