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Rafael Pérez Estrada is a Spanish poet and artist, who shares the house with Gerald Brenan

Pérez Estrada was born in Málaga, Spain on February 16, 1934 and died on May 22, 2000. He was the son of the general physician and Mayor of Málaga City: Manuel Pérez Bryán (1943 and 1947), and the famous painter "naïf" Mari Pepa Estrada.

He left Málaga to study law at the University of Granada, (1954), this training would allow him to work as a lawyer with great prestige. In 1959 he went to Madrid where he would combine his professional work with painting and poetry. In 1960 he returns to Málaga definitively. In 1968 appears his first book Valle de los Galanes, this work is followed by numerous titles of theater, poetry and narrative of vanguard. Some of the most important books are El Libro de los Reyes, El Levitador y su Vértigo, La Ciudad Velada etc. His drawings illustrate many literary editions and the letters he sent to his friends. Part of his work can be visited at the Foundation's headquarters in Casa Gerald Brenan (Churriana, Málaga). There is a permanent exhibition, which runs throughout the year.

His characters are angels, animals (horses, birds, fish, swans or tigers), or hybrid beings (centaurs, sirens). We can read and see different elements: fish, glasses of ice cream, cava or champagne, etc. These glasses are the symbol of the joy of living and sharing in a dreamy and surrealistic world. The title of the exhibition, "Annunciation of the eye" is taken from one of the 49 works on display. It is a reinterpretation of "The Heart Takes Control" that the Municipal Book Institute organized in 2012 in the Municipal Archive, where the writer's legacy is still preserved.

Anunciación del Ojo

There is a bronze sculpture based on this drawing of his "quiromántica dove"
(Half bird, half open hand), on a marble pedestal. It was placed in 2001, it is a work of José Seguiri in homage to the poet on the anniversary of his death, and is located near the artist's home in the city center.

Pérez Estrada participated very actively in key events of the social and cultural life of Málaga, among others, in the creation of the Social Council of the University of Málaga. He said in his speech as Favourite Son of Málaga: "Málaga is the city of joy and happiness." 

Before his death, Rafael Pérez Estrada was one of the leading figures of avant-garde poetry and narrative in Spain. 


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