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Diferentes tipos de café en España / Intercambio de Idiomas

Coffee is part of life, and everyone can enjoy a good quality coffee at a reasonable price. Spanish bars serve the best coffee.

Café solo is a small strong black coffee served in a small glass. If you like black coffee and feel the solo may be  too strong, then try a café americano, it is similar to a café solo but served  with a bit more water.

Café con leche is the next most popular way to drink coffee, especially as the first cup of the day. It is half café solo and half hot milk and can be served in a small glass or a tall thin glass. The milk is poured into a small metal jug and rapidly heated with the steam from the espresso machine.

Another variation on the coffee with milk is a café cortado, in this case a strong black coffee with only a drop of milk.

Café sombra or manchado is also coffee with milk but this time largely milk with only a dash of coffee. The names sombra and manchado mean shade and stained respectively and signifies the milk
is shaded or stained with only a small amount of coffee.

Café carajillo, a  very small glass is used and into it goes a dash of brandy with a small glass of café. The bartender may set fire to the brandy. When the alcohol has sufficiently burned off, the café solo is poured into the glass resulting in a perfect morning tipple especially on cold days.

Café bombon which is a small glass of condensed milk into which a café solo is slowly poured. The drink remains separated half black and half white until it is mixed.

When it´s hot, you have the iced coffee or café con hielo. Café solo or café con leche and a tall glass filled with ice cubes on the side.

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